Best Travel Apps for iPad

Best travel apps for iPad

Here is a list of what I have found to be the best travel Apps for iPad and one “don’t buy”. Most of these aren’t free and some are expensive. In most cases I have purchased the upgraded versions and any add ins. I have put these in order of their usefulness to me.
Best Travel Apps for iPad


Pro – keeps history of flights
Con – flight map only shows single flights for any particular trip

World Clock

Pro – nice display of time zones
Con – Clock positions have only two options

FlightTrack Pro w/ all the add ins

Pro – excellent display of all future flights, great functional add ins
Con – No history, limited ability to hold lots of flights


Pro – great quick info on a country
Con – none

World Atlas HD by National GeographicBest Travel Apps for iPad

Pro – Awesome graphics
Con – no way to store google maps of frequently visited places


Pro – quick and easy display of multiple currencies
Con – a bit buggy.


Pro – nice graphics, shows rate change, trend
Con – no function for concise info,


Pro- lots of local “hotel tourists maps”
Con – none, they seem to be always adding more

Tunein Radio

Pro – great internet radio, function for “local” stations

Int Herald TribBest Travel Apps for iPad TuneIn-Radio-iPad

Pro – free
Con – sometimes not everything loads


Pro – good starting point to find cheap fares
Con – rarely will you actually book via them

Disaster Alert

Pro – Good localized info on disasters
Con – If you watch the news you know the info already

Don’t buy this Travel Apps for iPad:

Journey HD

Pro – seems to have most everything a traveler would want all in one place
Con – it WILL overload and do nothing but crash once you start using it

I have plenty more apps but this list is travel specific.

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