Copper Canyon Railway Adventures on El Chepe Train

Experience the extraordinary el Chepe Train ride through the beautiful landscapes of the Sierra Tarahumara into the Copper Canyon (Barrancas del Cobre), Mexico.

The impressive journey starts at sea level, travelling 408 miles of railroad tracks through jagged terrain as it climbs to 7,500 feet, and passes through 86 tunnels and 38 bridges.

The Copper Canyon is four times bigger than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. El Chepe train travels through this magnificent landscape full of canyons, wildlife, trees, ponds and rivers.

Sit back and enjoy the views:

Copper Canyon Railway Adventures on El Chepe TrainEl Chepe Trainriding el chepe from El Fuerte to CreelCopper Canyon Railwayel chepe dining carviewing lakes from el chepe

Where is the Copper Canyon?

El Chepe Train Ride

el chepe train routeFor 13 hours, el Chepe (Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacífico) travels  from the Pacific coast at Los Mochis, Sinaloa high into the mountains, ending in Chihuahua.Train Stations:

  • Los Mochis: industrial city near the seaside city of Topolobampo. In Topolobampo you can take a sightseeing boat ride through bays, estuaries and mangroves and try to spot dolphins. The first class train leaves Los Mochis at 6:00am.
  • El Fuerte: a pretty colonial town built along a river with a charming central plaza and cathedral. You’ll see numerous species of birds on a guided float trip down the river — and you can stop at petroglyphs. This is a better option for starting your trip than Los Mochis — you’ll get to sleep in for 2 more hours and skip the least scenic part of the journey.
  • Témoris. The train ride between Témoris and Bauichivo is the most impressive portion of the trip, with canyons, cliffs, waterfalls, 37 bridges and 86 tunnels.
  • Bauichivo / Cerocahui. These towns are the starting point for the Urique Canyon (the deepest of the system) and the Cerro del Gallego viewing point. Cerocahui has a Jesuit Mission that’s worth visiting and there are many nice hikes in the area.
  • Posada Barrancas
  • Divisadero: the station is right at the rim of the Copper Canyon with beautiful views and easy walks. The Copper Canyon Adventure Park is here (see below for more info).
  • Creel: the colorful and lively main town in the Sierra Tarahumara. It has several restaurants and stores selling locally-made handicraft. It’s the starting point for many excursions to beautiful landscapes like the Lake of Arareko, Mushroom and Monks Valley, San Ignacio Mission, Recohwata hot springs, Cusarare waterfall and full day excursions to the Canyon of Batopilas and the nearly 1,000-feet Basaseachi waterfall (the tallest waterfall in Mexico).
  • San Juanito
  • Cuauhtémoc: has the largest Mennonite community in the world and famous for its cheeses and creams. It’s also the main apple producing region in Mexico.
  • Chihuahua: the capital city in the State of Chihuahua.

Rave Reviews for El Chepe Railway:

Plan your

El Chepe train has two classes — first class, meant for tourists, and economy class, which is about half the fare but makes about 50 local stops.

The train has two to three passenger cars with 64 seats, plus a dining car and sometimes a bar car.

Sit on the right side for the best views.

When to goTemperatures are most comfortable from October to March

Copper Canyon Adventure Park, Divisadero

ZipRider at copper canyon adventure park Adventure Park Divisaderoblue corn tortillas in Divisaderodivisadero train station

The train stops for 20 minutes in Divisadero, giving you time to go to the canyon edge for spectacular views and photos. There are many stalls selling native crafts and food. Don’t miss the blue corn tortilla quesadillas — choose from 1 of 5 fillings — they’re unique and delicious.

You’ll want more than 20 minutes in Divisadero though. It’s a great base to explore the canyon.

You can spend several hours at the Copper Canyon Adventure Park where one can ride the gondola, hike, rappel, zip line through 7 stations, and ride the ZipRider.

The ZipRider at Copper Canyon Adventure Park is an exhilarating ride on longest zip line in the world. The launch platform is right at the edge of the canyon.

Excitement and adventure riding the longest zip line in the world at Parque de Aventura Barrancas del Cobre, Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico. ZipRider is 2,545 meters (8,350 feet) long with vertical drop of 450 meters (1,476 feet) = 17% grade! … and max speeds of 135 km/hr (84 mph)!

For 2 minutes and 20 seconds, we flew over three different canyons: Del Cobre Canyon, Tararecua Canyon and Urique Canyon.

We were able to see the Tarahumaran community spread out below us.

Tarahumara Indians

The Copper Canyon is home to the Tarahumara Indians. While visiting the canyons, you can explore the Tarahumara culture.

Tarahumara Indians (1) Tarahumara Indians (2) Tarahumara Indians

Add this trip to your bucket list for an unforgettable adventure full of scenery and culture on board the Chepe train in the Copper Canyon.

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