Nexus Card

nexus cardApply for a Nexus card today and fast-track through security at US and Canadian borders.

NEXUS is a joint program between US Customs and Border Protection and the Canada Border Services Agency that allows pre-screened, approved travelers faster processing. Nexus is designed to expedite the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travellers into Canada and the United States.

The pre-screening process is simple and once you are accepted, you will never have to wait in line at Customs again. Nexus cards are WHTI-compliant documents for land and sea travel (requirement for a passport or other secure travel document by all US and Canadian citizens seeking entry or re-entry into the US), as well as air travel when traveling to and from airports using the Nexus program, and provide expedited travel via land, air or sea to approved members between the US and Canada border.

Nexus is an integrated program with one application and fee submission providing expedited passage in the air, land and marine modes of travel. Each approved member will receive a radio frequency identification card. However, individuals who are interested in air travel must undergo an iris capture to have their membership accepted at airports. To participate, both the United States and Canada must approve an individual’s application.

Who Can Apply for a Nexus Card?

Individuals may qualify to participate in NEXUS if they are:

  • a citizen or permanent resident of Canada or the United States and have continuously lived in Canada and/or the United States for the last three years, or
  • if they are a citizen of a country other than Canada or the United States who plan to temporarily reside lawfully in Canada or the United States for the term of their NEXUS membership, and
  • who pass various criminal history and law enforcement checks by both countries.

How much does a Nexus card cost?

The application fee is $50 US or Canadian dollars.

Where Can I Use A Nexus Card?

Members of the program can avoid long waits at border entry points by:

  • using self-serve kiosks at airports,
  • using reserved lanes at land crossings,
  • or by phoning border officials when entering by water.

Apply for Nexus Card

Canadians can apply using The Global Online Enrollment System.

US residents apply online for Global Entry, FAST, NEXUS, and SENTRI.

NEXUS: Step by Step Online Application Instructions

Once the initial processing of your application is complete, you will be notified of this by the system and you can set up an appointment for an interview at a NEXUS Enrolment Centre.

How does Nexus work in the marine mode of travel when entering Canada or the United States?

When entering Canada, the boat master must call the NEXUS TRC a minimum of 30 minutes and up to four hours (maximum) in advance of their arrival: 1-866-99-NEXUS (1-866-996-3987).

When entering the United States, the boat master must call the local Customs and Border Protection (CBP) marine reporting number for their arrival area. The CBP requires a minimum of 30 minutes advance notice and up to four hours (maximum) before arrival in the United States. See for CBP marine reporting numbers.

The Nexus Card was formerly the frequent traveler program and is currently part of the Trusted Traveler Program.

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  • Nexus cards now let U.S.-bound fliers fast-track screening (

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