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masai africa travelTraveling in Africa: A Rise in Tourism and Sites to See

Over the course of the last two decades, some African countries have been a no go for American and European tourists due to civil war and general unrest. In recent years, some of these countries have made substantial progress in developing safety, infrastructure, and industry for the purpose of promoting tourism. Whether you’re traveling by traditional airline or air charter, check out the following awesome places if you intend to trek through the African terrain:

The Kangari Hills Forest Reserve in Sierra Leone

So I’ve mentioned Sierra Leone, but don’t turn away just yet! The country has achieved a significant and consistent amount of stability since the bloody civil disturbances that officially came to an end in 2002. The government has allotted funds to preserve delicate ecosystems as well as promote eco-tourism. The Kangari Hills Forest Reserve is located about 210 miles east of Freetown. The reserve is highway accessible, but areas of shaky infrastructure will grant you to the freedom to explore the reserve on foot. Veering from the beaten path will add to the sense of adventure—you may get the chance to spot a chimpanzee in its natural habitat. If you prefer to play it safe, Sierra Leone also offers Chimp and Wildlife Sanctuaries created primarily for tourists.

Visit the Maasai in Kenya

Get a feel of tribal life while visiting Southern Kenya and make some Maasai friends along the way! The Maasai are one of East Africa’s most recognizable tribes. They are friendly and eager to teach visitors about their rituals and ways of life. Although the Maasai have been exposed to tourism and western interests, they intend to preserve the majority of their culture by carrying out traditional rituals, participating in ceremonies, and retaining the colorful attire/aesthetics that separate them from other tribes. Some ceremonies include Eokoto e-kule, a milk-drinking ceremony, and Enkang oo-nkiri, a meat-eating ceremony. If you’re lucky, you might get to witness a ceremony, participate in a dance, or meet one of the tribe’s respected warriors.

Ethiopia africa travelEat in Ethiopia

The words eat and Ethiopia may seem contradictory considering the country’s history of famine and food shortages. But even with a history of hardship, the Ethiopian people have successfully created a distinct cuisine that is sought after by both locals and tourists. Foodies have flocked to this region in recent years to savor the unique flavors of the land that is referred to as the cradle of mankind. Ethiopian cuisine generally consists of meats, sauces, spicy vegetables, flatbreads, and stews. Not sure where to start? Try the popular Hirut restaurant in Harar for a traditional meal. Not only will you leave with a satisfied tummy, but your business will also have a positive impact on Ethiopia’s economy.

Africa is a continent full of adventure. Tourism is providing a glimmer of hope for countries with poor economic standing and/or a history of civil disturbances. Check out in-depth tips and info on traveling to specific countries in Africa at



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