Walk with Lions Victoria Falls, Zambia: Travel Guide

Enjoy this amazing encounter as we walk with lions – Victoria Falls, Zambia.

Meet the three lion cubs that we walked with:

After a safety briefing and watching a short video, we met Ndulu, Nuru and Sadiki — the three lion cubs that we walked with. They’re “cubs”, but they’re already the size of large dogs and can be quite intimidating. There are several guides, including “Friday”, our lead guide, and other spotters, so I felt quite safe.

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walk with lions victoria fallsNuru and Sadiki jumped on each other, rolled around and played throughout the walk — making for a very entertaining experience.  You can choose a morning or afternoon walk — I chose the morning when it’s cooler and the lions are more active.

We followed the lions for about an hour. While they’re walking and playing, you can take plenty of photos and videos. When the lions stop to rest, there are opportunities for photos with them and to pat them. At one point, when I was patting Nuru, she turned her head towards me, and the guide told me to stand up slowly and back away. You have to always remember that these are wild animals. They gave us small sticks, but what was I going to do with that? Oh well, it looked good in the photos.

The guides were friendly and informative — sharing stories and information about the lions.

In case we didn’t already get our money’s worth (which we did), at the river, we also saw crocodiles and baboons.

After the walk, there were free drinks provided while we watched a video of our walk — which you can purchase for $20USD.

If you’re looking for an exciting (and a little scary) once-in-a-lifetime experience while in Zambia, I highly recommend walking with lions.

Follow me as I walks with lions near Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia

Walk with Lions Victoria Falls

Book your Victoria Falls lion encounter here: lionencounter.comwalk with lions (37)

How to get to Lion Encounter:
Lion Encounter picked us up in a comfortable mini-bus at our lodge and brought us to the lions. The wildlife area is on a river just outside of Livingstone, Zambia.

What to wear and bring:
I wore long pants and closed-toed shoes to walk with the lions. We were told that we must wear neutral bush colors (beige, khaki, etc), and not to have any dangly items like scarves that the cubs might want to play with.

Bring your camera! Make sure that your batteries are charged and there’s plenty of room on your memory card. You might also want water, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

About Lion Encounter

We learned that Lion Encounter is a conservation program that works to save and protect the African lion by reintroducing the offspring of captive-bred African lions into the wild.

Lion photos taken during our walk

(click photo for larger slideshow)

walk with lions victoria falls walk with lions
walk with lions walk with lions
lion encounters zambia walk with lions victoria falls

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