What are the pros and cons of all-inclusive holidays

all inclusive holidaysAll-inclusive holidays have been selling surprisingly well since the 2009 recession. This may come as a surprise to some. All-inclusive holidays are more expensive than B&B breaks right? Well in actual fact this isn’t always the case and that is why all-inclusive holidays are making a come back. On The Beach has some great all-inclusive holidays to choose from that really make the most of the benefits of all-inclusive holidays and you can choose from a wide variety of locations from the Caribbean to Spain. But surely there must be some catches to all-inclusive holidays? Here is an honest look at the pros and cons of all-inclusive holidays.


Everything is paid for upfront. This means it is easier to budget for and you may even end up paying less in the long run as snacks and local alcoholic drinks are included. You know what to expect too and you can choose your accommodation based on the restaurants and bars it offers as well as its sporting facilities.

You can eat when you want. This is particularly beneficial for families, as children may need to eat outside of standard restaurant hours. You also don’t have to trawl around the resort or city to find somewhere that caters to everyone.

You don’t need to fuss around with lots of foreign currency and you can completely relax and switch off, knowing that you and your children will be catered for.


By staying in just one place for all your meals you are less likely to explore the surrounding region so you won’t learn much about the local culture, its traditions and even what the landscape looks like.

You could end up supporting international hotel chains and not boosting the local economy. This is especially true if you stay in a global international hotel chain.

Many people argue that you aren’t really a traveller if you stay in an all-inclusive resort where everything is done for you. You don’t learn anything new and can’t really say you’ve been to a country if you just stay in your all-inclusive hotel complex.

All-inclusive holidays aren’t for everyone, but don’t just write them off without trying them. You might just be surprised by what you find.